Catch the fever! Platform Tennis is a great fall, winter and spring social activity played by men and women of all ages. It is the only racquet sport that players can enjoy outdoors in the cold weather. This unique appeal attracts people whose desire fresh air, competition and social engagement all winter long. Whatever your skill or fitness level, this easy-to-learn game provides a combination of outdoor exercise, concentration, athleticism and a lifetime of fun.

Primarily played with four people, Platform Tennis takes place on a mini tennis court with special paddles that differ in size and shape from tennis racquets. Because it is easy to learn it is enjoyed by players of all ages.

If you would like some personal attention from our pros, private and semi-private lessons are always available.


The South Barrington Club’s Platform Tennis facility features two courts and a Paddle Hut that offers a great view of the games. A heating system keeps the deck ice free, allowing year-round play.  Court lighting ensure players can continue to enjoy their game well after sunset. When you get cold, come inside, sit, relax and chat with friends!


Ready to get on the court and start playing?
The South Barrington Club offers Annual Memberships for resident and non-residents adults. Annual memberships include:

  • Free platform tennis play year-round
  • Access to the Platform Tennis Courts & Hut
  • Social Opportunities


SBC offers several options for lessons. A private lesson is usually the best way to learn stroke technique and skills, while a group lesson is most valuable for understanding strategy. The best way to get started is to contact Don Sullivan at (847) 381-2570.


Leagues are a great way to learn paddle fast. We have 3 men’s teams playing the CPTC. Matches are Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights. Food and beverages always accompany paddle matches as well as lots of fun with teammates and opponents alike. The Chicago leagues are played at various clubs around the North Shore and suburbs.

We are currently growing the women’s paddle program at SBC. If you are interested in playing league matches, starting a team, or practicing with a team, please contact Don Sullivan at (847) 381-2570.  We will be building teams for the next season.


Platform tennis is played with special paddles that differ in size and shape from tennis racquets and are made of a composite material with aerodynamic holes drilled in the head. Paddles are approximately 18” long. The special balls used for platform tennis are made of spongy, rubber material and are approximately 2.5″ in diameter. A flocking material on its exterior keeps the ball from skidding. Platform tennis equipment is not usually available in general sporting goods outlets but may be purchased online or at the South Barrington Club Pro Shop.

For more information, please contact Don Sullivan at (847) 381-2570.