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Junior Tennis Lesson Levels


Quickstart program designed to develop coordination and introduce children to tennis with the emphasis on having FUN!

Quickstart Sponge/Red

Introductory Quickstart  is designed for children 5 to 7 years old to reestablish the basic elements and skills they enjoyed in Spongeball, while continuing the fun!

Quickstart Red

Introductory Quickstart for children 7 years and older to teach the proper techniques for the ground stroke, volley and serve.  Students will learn basic body movement, rallying, and a positive introduction to tennis.

Quickstart Orange

This Quickstart class continues to develop proper techniques with an introduction to match play and strategy.

Quickstart Orange/Green

This transitional Quickstart class focuses on development of more advanced techniques.  Players begin to use a larger (60′-78′) court while introducing them to skills in areas of both singles and doubles.

Quickstart Green

This Quickstart class continues for focus on development of more advanced techniques like point construction. Players begin to use spin, more sophisticated strategy, and position to improve their skills in singles and doubles play.

Quickstart Tournament Prep

Designed to introduce tournament play to young players that have not participated in official tournaments

Junior Tennis 101

Junior 101 Tennis is a curriculum for those kids who have not been playing tennis consistently since they were 4 or 5 years of age.
As a matter of fact, the average age range for the class starts at around 12 or 13. This program is really designed for those in the
Junior High to High School age range who either have never played tennis before, or those who have played a bit, but could still use
some initial basic instruction.

Challenger Tournament

Designed for players with some tournament experience with the focus on the physical and mental aspects of tournament play. including pre- and post- match preparations.

High School Team Prep

These classes are designed for players interested in playing on the high school tennis team. Drills focus on developing the skills, strategies and tactics used in high school match play.

Frosh-Soph Prep:  Designed for aspiring high school players with little or no tournament experience.

Junior Varsity Prep:  Designed for aspiring Junior Varsity players with some tournament or high school experience

Varsity Prep/ High Performance:  Designed for aspiring varsity players with considerable tournament and/ or high school expereince.

Pro’s approval required for participation in all junior group classes. Please contact Will Karydakis at (847) 381-2570 x 114 or