Platform, also known as “paddle” tennis, is the only racquet sport that players can enjoy
outdoors in any climate. This fun and social game can be played at any time, day or night. You don’t need to have prior
knowledge of the game as it’s easy to learn. The game is primarily played in the winter months and is geared toward 4 players.

The South Barrington Park District Platform Tennis Facility is a year-round facility featuring:
• Four courts with outside decking
• “Paddle Hut” to accommodate members who wish to socialize inside a warming facility while waiting for their match or just to socialize while watching matches .The courts are made of aluminum decking with added grit to assist with traction.
Each court is about one quarter of the size of a tennis court and is surrounded on all four sides by a 12 ft. high superstructure with taut, 16-gauge “chicken wire” fencing which allows the players to play the ball off the screens.
The courts are lighted so play can continue until 10pm.

Platform tennis is played with special paddles that differ in size and shape from tennis racquets.
The paddles are made of a composite material with a specific number of aerodynamic holes drilled in the head and can be no more than 18 inches long. The paddle ball is made of a spongy, rubber material and are 2.5 inches in diameter. A flocking material on the exterior keeps the ball from skidding. Our Paddle Tennis Pro can assist you with all of your equipment.

2018-2019 Paddle Season
The South Barrington Platform Tennis program offers flexible
opportunities to get you out on the courts, in lessons or in a league.

Platform tennis membership runs from September, 2018 thru August, 2019.

Please note that four courts will be reserved for the South Barrington Platform Travel League on Tuesdays,Wednesdays, and Thursdays from October-March.

No additional court fees to play year round-ability to bring a guest
Unlimited access to court time when not programmed with leagues, lessons or events
Access to the Paddle hut between 6am and 10pm
Privilege of making court reservation 7 days in advance

Paddle Tennis Travel Leagues
In-House Leagues
Private Lessons
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